PS4 "leak" not from Sony

Shortly after the release of the "leaked" PS4 viral and launch videos Sony hardware PR representative Al de Leon told GameInformer
"I can confirm that this video is not from SCE [Sony Computer Entertainment]."
Which tells us exactly what it's supposed to...nothing. It's not like Sony has never tried to start an undercover viral marketing campaign through another company. Wait...(see "All I Want For Chiristmas is a PSP").

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Leaked PS4 Launch Trailer & Viral Campaign

Yesterday a user on YouTube with the account name "SCELabs" (Sony Computer Entertainment Labs?) posted two viral marketing videos featuring 3D gaming and references to PS4. Most people think that it is of high enough quality and resembles Sony's style of marketing, yet don't think something as big as legitimate 3D gaming and/or the PS4 could have been developed under the radar for so long.

Video 1

Video 2

PS4 Leaked Viral Videos
PS4/3D Trailer leak? I think not.
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